Returns Process

Step 1.

Use the original box that your order came in.

Please place everything back in the box, including keycap puller, keycaps, mousepads, keyboards etc including your order form.


If you don’t have the original box other boxes can be used as long as there suitable. As a general rule, the box should be no bigger than 2 inches (5 cm) on either side of what's inside.

If you no longer have the order form, you will have an electronic copy that has been sent to your email.


Step 2.

When packing your parcel please using some kind of bubble wrap or shipping paper. This just ensures that nothing is damaged whilst being shipped. This especially needs to be done with keyboards.


Step 3.

Properly taping your box. You need to use parcel tape or Sellotape NOT ELETRICAL TAPE or MASKING TAPE.

Seal the package across the side flaps and the seams on the top and bottom.

Using the 6 strip will give you a strong parcel that wont come undone when shipping.  


Step 4.

Create a shipping label how ever you see fit.

Please use the address below:


Tape or stick your label on top of the box in a position that is clear the see.

Please remove all other stickers and labels on the box before sending back.


What kind of courier to use?

You can use what ever courier you’d like too. We recommend that you use Royal mails 2nd Class Signed for Service.

If you need assistance, please contact using the "contact us" area bellow


Many Thanks, CK