We are trialing something new! adding sub legends to any pbt keycaps these include “#£’ for the uk keyboards. If you would like to take part please leave us an email we’d be happy to help.

custom keycaps
and keyboards

Custom keycaps

ABS plastic in an ISO layout.

Gift packaging

upgrade to gift packaging, keycaps would come inside a sturdy box with foam inserts, perfectly showing off t he keys when you open the box.

Perfect for Birthdays, Farther and mothers day, Christmas, Black Friday or for anything or anyone you think is worth it.

Worldwide Shipping

Royal Mail is our courier, ensuring worldwide delivery to most destinations, with only a few exceptions for extremely remote islands.

Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options to make checkout quick and easy. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Paypal and more!

Quality Products

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Fast Processing

We process most orders within 1-2 business days. This is only extended in the case of bank holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to ensure every shopper leaves delighted, armed with the ideal product tailored for their setups.

Packed With Care

A simple plastic packaging keeping keeping everything secure and organised can be also upgraded to a foam insert tray.

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