Is my keyboard compatible?



Here is a guide to help see if your keyboard is compatible with our keycaps.



There are plenty of keyboards that we have missed on this list, just email us or message us on Instagram if your board is not on the list and we can help you and then add it to the list.



Firstly, Switches. Our keycaps fit any switch that have the same basic stem as a Cherry MX switches, something alone these lines should be fine, always contact us if you are not sure.



Secondly, layouts.



We have a range of keycaps that fit all sorts of boards. Some specifically aimed to help cover some of the more uncommon layouts.



ANSI layout. Everything on the store will fit your keyboard.



ISO layout. SA profile keys, layout sets and some Pudding sets can accommodate, our CK range come with a partial ISO modifier but not full.



61,64,68,71,82,84 Key layouts. See link for our layout keys



60% TKL and Full-size boards. Are sets are sold in 100% form. So, you would be able to cover an entire keyboard despite some photos.



Switches. Gateron - Cherry MX - Kail (snug) all fit.